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Web Lizards, LLC was founded by a couple of tech & market savvy college students before the turn of the last century. Our founding principle was to help people and enterprises to connect, promote, and operate on the web.

We started a joint venture with a leading European mobile value-added service provider, Wap Oneline, Ltd., and our management team founded Wap Oneline USA, LLC. We expanded throughout North and South America, where we were pioneers in the fields of mobile messaging and marketing services.

Recently, with a growing need for mobile apps, we started on yet another venture utilizing our great industry connections and broad understanding of mobile ecosystems, along with our coding and design expertise, to help people and enterprises to connect, promote, and operate using mobile apps. Deja Vu from the dot-com era.

Investment Opportunities

We are open minded folk, and we are always interested in hearing about and getting involved in new opportunities. We saw and seized an opportunity for a joint venture in mobile messaging and marketing services over a decade ago, which has given us great pride.

We have recently launched into mobile apps world with our new, wholly owned, DBA venture called App Lizards.

What should be the next hot project that you should venture on with us? Drop us a line, whether you are interested in proposing a joint venture, investment in us, or even if you would like us to look into investing in you.

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The Lizards

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